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Corporate Wellness Programs

Fortitude Health & Wellness, Inc. is a health and wellness company that offers turn-key disease / prevention / management programs incorporating hand-on-tools for participants.

We create programs incorporating preventative strategies tailored to each community wellness needs. In examining culturally diverse populations and changing trends, wellness program delivery must be “tailored” to population needs to impact and maintain efficacy.

The examination of current population census data renders the conclusion that the previous “one size fits all” service delivery no longer “fits” in this highly diverse, global world. Services delivered successfully in the past are now obsolete.

We also understand the guiding principles in combating health behaviors mainly responsible for escalating chronic diseases such as, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. We use this knowledge and expertise to design, implement, impact, and track health interventions.

Mission: To educate communities using the three As strategy:

Targeted communities and retrieve feedback as to their needs and wants from community assessments.
Strategies should be incorporated to educate communities that there is a problem.
Strategies implemented through programs that educate and give participants tools needed to make healthy lifestyle choices, lower risk factors, and meet populations where they are in individual health status.

Walk Across Texas is a program created by Texas Cooperative Extension in 1996 to help you establish the habit of regular physical activity. From border to border, you or your team, can walk 830 miles across the state, seeing your progress across the state on-line, or on a Texas road map!




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