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Fortitude Health & Wellness HRA 

Welcome to Fortitude Health & Wellness, Inc. We are a boutique, full service Wellness Company specializing in Health Risk Assessments, (HRA’s), wellness initiatives focused on prevention, and evidenced-based outcomes. We are Dallas based and provide services nationally.

We know that health care costs are main drivers for wellness initiatives in the workplace and communities; each one looking for solutions to diminish rising health care insurance premiums and health risks. Fortitude understands the correlation between risk and cost, and how to measure cost savings by reducing risks, which also includes benchmarking ROI and client satisfaction.

Our wellness initiatives include participation tracking metrics, biometric measurements, behavioral change, employee satisfaction, incentives, and claims analytics; three A’s (Assessment, Awareness, and Action). We implement program models that offer participants tools needed to develop healthy lifestyle habits and live a healthy life. We offer tailored approaches and provide "turn-key" delivery services to clients.

Our objective is to provide prevention strategies and solutions that lower health care costs for our clients. We know prevention is crucial and self-care prevention yields long-term results and ROI for all.



 Corporate Wellness

There are a vast number of corporate wellness programs. In general, corporate wellness programs encourage people to take steps to prevent the onset or worsening of a health condition or sickness, and to adopt healthier lifestyles.


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 Faith-Based Wellness

We offer nutritional assessments via Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s). We also provide wellness programs, as well as prevention workshops.



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 Community Wellness

Current census data renders the conclusion that the previous “one size fits all” service delivered successfully in the past is now obsolete. We need all sizes to make an impact; we are diverse people with diverse cultures.



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 Small Business Wellness

Businesses can implement many types of corporate wellness programs, from onsite gyms to simple wellness newsletters. While some small businesses institute very comprehensive wellness programs, others achieve savings or increased productivity by promoting healthier lifestyles through wellness activities we provide.

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Fortitude Health & Wellness, Inc. is Small Business Administrative (SBA), MBE, and HUB certified.

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